We are PPC Experts On A Mission
To Meet Your Goals.

Proven tactics and tailored pay-per-click strategies to
improve the quantity, quality & cost of conversions.

We are PPC Experts On A Mission To Meet Your Goals.

Proven tactics and tailored pay-per-click strategies to improve the quantity, quality & cost of conversions.

What Does a Healthcare PPC Agency Do?

We use tested and effective tactics on major paid advertising platforms to increase brand awareness and engagement to get you the most conversions at the lowest cost.

Competitor Analysis & Strategy Development

Understand your competition & identify opportunities to win!

Keyword Research &
Ad Copy Creation

Define keywords that convert to reduce waste & improve ROI.

Social Media Insights
& Growth

Improve awareness and lower cost to acquire new patients.

Social Media Insights & Growth

We Find Improvements and Opportunities That Improve Your Performance & ROI.

Improve the number of conversions and conversion rate of your website to increase revenue and lower new customer acquisition costs.

Paid Advertising

17 opportunities found


7 opportunities found


11 opportunities found

Paid Advertising

17 opportunities found


7 opportunities found


11 opportunities found

Need Proof? See How We Boost Performance – And Lots of ROI!

We are your 24/7 PPC experts who guide your conversion-focused marketing to new levels of impact and profitability.

Here’s A List of PPC Ad Improvements You Never Have To Worry About:

Choose How You Want To Partner.
Reach Your Goals As Quickly As You Want.

We work to keep you ahead of your competition –
whether you want to go fast or slow.

We work to keep you ahead of your
competition – whether you want
to go fast or slow.
Ongoing Expert Management

Ongoing Expert Management

We’ll take care of all campaign items and responsibilities and report directly to you.

Ongoing Consulting

Ongoing Consulting

We provide ongoing step-by-step strategy and advice based on your goals and priorities.

Deep One-Time Audit

We’ll give you a detailed to-do list of items to improve your results – quickly.

Deep One-Time Audit

Expert One-Time Setup

We’ll set up strong campaigns so you can build momentum quickly.

Expert One-Time Setup

The Way To Better PPC Marketing Starts With A New Customer Growth Plan


Improve One Channel or Expand Performance Across Several At Once.

Work with specialized teams who are in-sync and focused on , improving, adapting, and collaborating to reach your goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve your conversion rates to lower your cost to acquire new business and generate higher revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve organic & local search rankings to increase conversions and improve domain authority.

You’re Never In The Dark –
We Always Keep The Lights On.

Reporting Dashboards

See all the key events, goals, and conversions important to your bottom line, while being able to change date ranges.

Reporting Dashboards

Monthly Business Reviews

One-on-one meetings to review efforts, performance, and strategy while previewing what’s up next.

Monthly Business Reviews

Email Updates

Need answers quickly? Email us anytime and we’ll reply to make sure you have everything you need.

Email Updates

Scheduled Calls

Ongoing calls to keep you in the loop and a time to get feedback from you on which things to prioritize and plan for.

Scheduled Calls

Frequently Answered Questions –
Go Ahead, Stump Us

Work with specialized teams who are in-sync and focused on, improving, adapting, and collaborating to reach your goals.


How can PPC help your business?

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and paid ads, all refer to ads created to appear within search engine results pages (SERPs). Google is the PPC leader that most businesses’ use for their digital marketing strategies and campaigns based on their platform’s dominance and consumer preferences. Google Ads is a well-established tool that many people use to achieve their business goals.

The power of PPC advertising is the ability to advertise to people searching online for what you offer. Very quickly, and with enough budget, you can begin driving relevant, conversion-focused traffic to your website.  This helps you promote time-sensitive offerings or promotions, product/service launches, or drive new patients to a recently opened location. In addition to sending traffic to your site, well-planned PPC campaigns that send people to amazing landing pages will improve the quality of your site (“quality score”). As your quality score improves with search engines, it will lower your PPC costs!


What's the difference between PPC and SEO?

With many people beginning their health-related journey online, it is vital to show up on search engines, like Google and Bing, when your target audiences are searching for the products, services, or solutions you offer. The two channels that can be optimized to perform well in search are PPC and SEO.

PPC allows placement of your text ads at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs), and gets your company positioned at the top of SERPs much faster than SEO. Google Ads provide a much higher level of control, targeting, and placement in search results (SERPs), and allows you to reach, influence, and convert target audiences into leads based on the terms and keywords they are entering into search boxes. With PPC, you can start driving quality website visits in minutes with the right strategy and budget that is developed by PPC experts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is different because it focuses efforts on driving quality website that is “free” – not paid. Increasing free organic traffic is a long-term tactic that will have lasting impacts on your website. SEO helps your website to be properly structured and communicate what specific keywords and content you want to rank for on search engines. It also involves activities on and off your website to engage and increase leads from target audiences while sending additional signals about your business to Google.


How much should I spend to get results?

That depends on your goals! We will reverse engineer your results to the budget and marketing services needed to achieve them.

The answer will be developed from a combination of conversion volume, conversion rate, and cost per conversion.

For example, if you want 10 conversions per day and the average cost per conversion is $20, then your ad spend would need to be $200/day.


How much do you charge?

Once we identify the type of marketing services you need with along with your specific goals, then we will create pricing options around timelines and strategies you can choose from.


How long until you launch?

We can start making changes the first day our partnership begins. Larger campaigns take just a few weeks to prepare and launch.


How long until I get results?

When we handle your campaign management, results can be immediate. We can immediately determine areas of waste and inefficiency and fix it within a day.

We set performance-based goals for clients with timeframes we’re both excited about.


How long is the contract?

Ongoing campaign management, campaign setups, and consulting all have different expectations. One-time setups can be as short as a week while campaign management is a longer-term partnership.

If we set bigger goals with you, then you’ll see the length of our agreement reflect that.


Can you give a prediction of future performance and ROI?

Yes we can! These predictions are based on a combination of goal setting, first party data, experience from other campaigns, and industry benchmarks.

We will show you these predictions in your free New Customer Growth Plan.


What does your reporting look like?

You will see examples in your free New Customer Growth Plan. We can also customize reporting for different clients.

Are You Ready For Better Performance From Your Marketing?