What are search engine submissions?

Search engines can’t include websites in SERP’s if they don’t know that they exist.

Google discovers new sites by relying on lots of search engine crawlers (or “bots”) to scan the web to find and record information about new websites, new content on existing websites and when that new content was added to a particular site.

New websites and new content on existing sites will eventually get discovered and indexed by search engine crawlers. Websites can also manually submit this information to search engines to get discovered quicker.

Sending a search engine submission to Google involves adding a website’s sitemap into Google Search Console:

Why are search engine submissions important for SEO?

There are several reasons why search engine submissions support search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

1) The sooner the better.

The quicker search engines discover a website or a new piece of content, the faster they can start ranking it in their search results (if they choose to).

Search engine bots will inevitably find your website, but why wait to get discovered when you can begin communicating with Google now?

2) Tell Google about your site.

Scanning a website only provides certain bits of information to Google so search engine submissions offer an opportunity to tell Google important things about your site, such as pages that are most important based on site structure and hierarchy in a sitemap.

3) Make your website better.

When Google scans your website, they will let you know if they encounter any errors or site issues.

These insights provide a clear roadmap to constantly improve your website’s user experience and functionality – particularly on mobile devices.

How does Organix Digital complete Search Engine Submissions?

As a core strategy, all Organix Digital updates to your site will be submitted to search engines for review and implementation.

This includes first time submissions for sites not indexed and renewed submissions after all technical and structural updates have been completed.

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