What is a robots.txt file?

A robots.txt file (also referred to as robots exclusion protocol or standard) is a small text file placed on a website by a webmaster to tell search engine crawlers what pages to crawl (“follow”) and what pages to ignore (“nofollow”).

Before a crawler visits a website, its looks for a set of instructions (called a request) from the website about what pages it should visit and index and other pages it should ignore.

These crawler requests are communicated through a robots.txt file.

If no instructions exist, a crawler will index every page on a site.

Why is a robots.txt file important?

Robots.txt files are primarily used to avoid overloading a website with crawler requests.

To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of their search engine crawlers in finding and updating information about websites on the internet, search engines establish “crawl budgets”.

These budgets ensure crawlers don’t use up too many site resources during their requests which can negatively impact the functionality of a website.

These budgets also demand websites make a crawler’s job as easy as possible.

Duplicate content, load errors, errors pages, low quality (spammy) content and other variables makes indexing more challenging and leads to crawlers being less efficient.

This inefficiency is frowned upon by Google and equates to marks against these types of websites based on “errors”. Marks lower ranking potential in SERPs and should be avoided as often as possible.

The goal for webmasters is to maximize the efficiency of search engine crawlers by making their websites easy to index with quality content and detailed instructions.

Robots.txt files should not be used to keep pages off of Google.

If a webmaster wants to keep Google from indexing a page, they should instead use noindex directives or implement password protection.

How does Organix Digital implement Robot.txt files?

Every package offered by Organix Digital includes an update to, or creation of a robots.txt file, as needed.

Our team will review the site and create an updated robots.txt file that will be placed on the site and submitted to Google.

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