Is a “mobile-adaptive” website the same thing as a “mobile-friendly” site?

A mobile-friendly website changes the design and layout of a webpage to “fit” on a mobile device without someone having to zoom or scroll horizontally to read and understand the page content.

Mobile-friendly websites automatically adjust to whatever device they are being displayed on (mobile phone, tablet or desktop) to ensure the best viewing experience for the user.

A “mobile-adaptive” site, however, is not responsive because it only “adapts” the webpage to fit the specific dimensions of the mobile device being used.

Sites that are only mobile-adaptive require a user to zoom in and horizontally scroll to navigate through the website – often leading to a poor user experience.

Mobile Responsive vs. Mobile Friendly Website
An example of a Mobile Responsive vs. Mobile Friendly website.

To check if a site is mobile-friendly, visit this link:

Why is having a "mobile–friendly" website important for SEO?

A mobile-friendly website is easier to navigate and provides a much better user experience for your site visitors because of how the site is re-designed and refines the layout of content and images on webpages.

With mobile-friendly sites loading content faster and providing a better user experience, Google will often rank mobile-friendly pages higher than mobile-adaptive sites because of their mobile-first approach to search (both paid and organic).

Mobile-first design is not going away any time soon so business owners should consider investing in a mobile-friendly site if they haven’t made the shift yet.

This ranking factor will only become more standardized across the online experience as mobile usage continues to rise.

How does Organix Digital analyze sites for Mobile Responsiveness?

The best way to determine if Google considers your site “mobile friendly” is to visit their analysis tool:

At Organix Digital, we start with Google’s analysis of your site and then follow up with our own manual inspection to see how it renders on mobile and tablet views.

If it’s determined your site is not mobile friendly, we will provide recommendations for what to do next.

Typically, this entails the need for a new website.

If your site is more than three years old and is not mobile-friendly, this will likely be the recommendation.

At this time, Organix Digital does not build websites.

We will, however, recommend several vetted, experienced web developers across a range of design styles and price points to help you with this project.

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