What is a header tag and how does it relate to SEO?

Header tags are an element of HTML code that tell a website how words on a page should be designed and organized.

These tags provide details about the arrangement and emphasis of titles, paragraphs and bulleted points on a webpage – essentially providing an outline of pages to search engines so they can decipher and derive meaning from it.

Using a book as an analogy, header tags are arranged like a table of contents or even a topic sentence in a paragraph.

  • An H1 tag is the top level tag which introduces the overall topic of your webpage – like a title of a book.
  • H2 tags help define the subject matter of webpage content – like a list of chapters in a book.
  • H3 – H6 tags further refine content using sub-heading and sub-topics – like sections within a chapter in a book.
How to Use Heading Tags

Why is a header tag important for SEO efforts?

Header tags help break up content into bite sized chunks so visitors (and search engines like Google) can quickly scan its contents without having to read each word to determine if they find the content valuable or not.

In this age of information overload, most people want to scan a site quickly to see if it provides what they are looking for. If so, they consume more. If not, they will leave the page and find another one to preview.

If webpages don’t offer easy-to-scan content, site visitors will often click off the page quickly (which is called a “bounce”).

On the other hand, websites that have easy-to-scan content often keep people on their pages longer because these site visitors are consuming more of the content.

Header tags themselves do not directly impact Google rankings. These header tags  do, however,  provide good user experiences for site visitors & site engine crawlers which often equates to favor from Google based on good SEO practices.

How does Organix Digital address Header Tags?

Depending on the package selected, Organix Digital will review each page of the website and provide new or optimized header tags to more effectively organize and display the page’s content. The number of reviewed pages depends on the package selected.

Our goal is to provide your site visitors with an ideal experience to keep them engaged, and header tags makes content easier to consume and understand for them.

We will incorporate keyword research into a header tag strategy to help align content and keywords. This keyword strategy will also be applied to any new content pieces (articles or blogs) produced by Organix Digital.

Premium packages allow our team to work on 20 unique pages simultaneously on your site, while the Advanced package offers 10 pages.

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