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What are Google Webmaster Updates?

In Google’s never ending quest to provide the most relevant and useful search results for their users, they are constantly making changes to their algorithms and systems.

These changes (or “updates”) occur almost every day, but most people (even webmasters) don’t notice them.

Several times of a year, however, large and noticeable changes are released by Google which they call “core updates”.

These core updates often generate noticeable changes to how website content performs and ranks within Google SERPs.

Why are Google Webmaster Updates important for SEO?

Core updates, and the changes they produce, often mean website content performance and rankings will be reduced.

This does not mean website content is being penalized for violating any policies or guideline(s). Instead, it means website content is being seen as less valuable by Google based on their revised ranking algorithms.

Remember, Google wants to provide users with the most valuable and relevant results, and every day they are constantly analyzing and revising their algorithms to achieve this.

To help people understand the rationale behind these changes to their algorithms (such as webmasters, content producers and web developers), Google provides Webmaster updates to provide education around what they deem important which these types of updates reflect.

These insights  help businesses identify changes needed on their website or within their site’s content to build/rebuild their search engine rankings based on these algorithm updates/changes.

How does Organix Digital handle Google Webmaster Updates?

While engaged with Organix Digital – in Premium, Advanced, or Maintenance packages – our team will ensure your site remains current with the latest shared Google algorithm updates wherever possible.

This includes a report on the update, how it impacts your site, what we did about it, what remains to be done and what cannot be done*.

*Some updates are not fully explained or shared, and some algorithm changes affect categories of business and may not have a direct correlation to active changes we can make. We will be sure to identify and explain in our reports.

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