What is Google My Business?

Before discussing Google My Business (GMB), it is important to first start with Business Profiles on Google.

In their never ending quest to improve search results and provide the most value for their users, Google offers businesses the ability to create business listings on their platform (referred to as Business Profiles on Google) – for free.

Business Profiles on Google provide a powerful platform to improve online visibility and search engine optimization for local businesses.

If optimized, profiles can provide information about a business, such as the name, phone number, address, website, map, photos, directions, online ratings, frequently asked questions, and other information people often look to access quickly and easily online – without leaving the Google platform.

Business Profiles are managed and edited through Google My Business, so businesses must also create a GMB account.

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile Example (desktop)
Google My Business Reviews
Google Business Profile Example (mobile)

Why is Google My Business important for SEO?

Claiming and optimizing a Google My Business profile should be one of the first things a business owner invests in – for several reasons.

#1 – Claim Ownership and Take Control of Your Business Profile

Adding a Business Profile on Google is exactly like adding a location to Google Maps – which anyone can do (even someone not associated with your business or a listing generator bot).

All that is needed to create a Business Profile on Google is a business name, location and category.

From there, people can start leaving reviews, asking questions and adding photos and operating hours within a profile.

Profiles can exist without an Owner/Manager, so it is imperative business owners claim (or create) ownership of their Business Profile through Google My Business as soon as possible.

#2 – Foster Brand Awareness and Consumer Engagement

Once someone claims ownership of a Business Profile, they can leverage the Google My Business platform by adding relevant business information to the profile so local consumers can better understand what their business is all about.

As people become more familiar with a brand, they are more likely to engage with it online if various options to connect are made available.

Google My Business also provides opportunities for businesses to connect with current and potential customers by responding directly to reviews left on a profile, providing direct messaging options, publishing posts and pointing people directly to social media profiles.

#3 – Review and Learn with Data Insights

The Google My Business platform offers analytics where businesses can gain insights on how people are engaging with their profiles.

For example:

  • How many site visitors over a certain period of time
  • How many actions were taken on the site
  • How many map views
  • How many reviews were left
  • How many images were viewed
  • What search queries led to people discovering the profile
  • How many calls were generated directly through GMB
  • And much more…
Google My Business Insights
Google My Business Insights section within the GMB dashboard (Desktop version).
GMB dashboard Mobile version
Google My Business Insights section within the GMB dashboard (Mobile version).

#4 – Improve Local SEO Rankings

Business Profiles on Google can be edited so it is important for businesses to let Google know what keywords they are trying to rank for by always integrating them into a profile as often as possible.

Strategic keywords should be included in a business’s description, blog posts, responses to reviews and any other content being added to a profile.

Like websites, Google also analyzes Business Profiles.

Google places priority on certain sections and keywords, so it’s important for businesses to optimize their GMB profile to generate optimal reach and frequency among target audiences in specific geographic locations.

Also, optimizing a profile can help generate a local search presence online (since Google is very focused on providing local results) and offer a better user experience for current and potential customers.

This is why it’s important for businesses to consistently review their profiles to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information being listed.

How does Organix Digital optimize Google My Business profiles?

For both Premium and Advanced packages, Organix Digital will claim your business profile on Google.

Select our Premium package for an enhanced presence, including:

  • Optimizing listing, with images, links, detailed description and keyword strategy
  • Create monthly local business posts 
  • Monthly monitoring (during our engagement period)
  • Analyzing key traffic data for insights and recommendations

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