What role does content play in SEO?

Content is a major component of an SEO strategy because it allows businesses to communicate to search engines what keywords and phrases they want to rank for.

Without content and targeted keywords, a search engine would have no idea what a website was about or how to effectively recommend it to their users.

For businesses to benefit from increase rankings on SERP’s, they must develop quality content on their site that is easy to read and contains keywords and phrases they want to rank for when people enter them into a query.

Quality content involves three main elements:

1) Keyword Research

2) Website Structure

3) Professional Writing/ Copywriting

Keyword Research

Keyword Research provides insights around what terms people are use when searching for things online and what keywords businesses want to show up for when searched online.

When done effectively, keyword research helps businesses identify keywords (or “terms”) that people regularly use and convert from and then create website and blog content around these valuable keywords to increase their organic search rankings.

Businesses should consistently analyze keywords that are driving the most traffic and conversions to their website because those are the keywords they will want to invest in through content and paid marketing efforts.

Website Structure

How a site is structured communicates to people and search engines what sections and content are most important.

A perfect example of this is a sitemap, which describes the relationship (or hierarchy) between all webpages within a website – outlining what pages are more important than others based on their location.

To create quality content for SEO purposes, businesses must place the specific keywords and phrases they want to rank for in the important areas of their site so they communicate their importance to search engines.

Good structure improves the user experience and effectively communicates hierarchy and structure to search engines – both important ranking factors for Google.

Website structure also reduces the chances of SEO competition from content on the same site and limits the potential for duplicate content – both of which reduce ranking potential and should always be avoided.

Professional  Writing/ Copywriting

Quality-content requires writing that it easy for people and search engines to read and understand.

Content should have good grammar, text structure and be clearly written to effectively communicate the subject matter to those consuming it.

There are plenty of examples where businesses have packed their content so full of the keywords they want to rank for that it no longer makes any sense for the people reading it or the search engine crawlers scanning it.

The readability of content keeps readers engaged and on a site which could lead to additional online exposure if the content is shared, commented on and or added as a backlink on a reputable website or blog.

Quality content can often lead to higher organic ranking and online brand exposure, foster additional site traffic and increase the potential for conversions because they are targeting the right audiences with the right messages.

Based on that level of potential impact, quality content creation should remain as a core aspect of a company’s overall SEO strategy.

How does Organix Digital approach content creation?

Our goal the first month of working with you is to identify the top 5 most valuable keywords for your business based on keyword research and competitor analysis.

To have any chance and ranking well on a SERP, it is imperative that each of the 5 keywords identified by the Organix Digital team needs to have its own webpage on the client’s site.

We identify any areas of content that need to be created for the website based on this recommendation, and place precedence on creating this new webpage copy that is needed over other content like blog posts, articles or white papers.

If webpage copy exists for each of the 5 top keywords, our team will then focus on creating blogs or articles (600-800 words) based on pre-approved topics.

Our desire is to drive the most SEO value (or “juice”) from any content we produce for clients, so we start with focusing on areas of content that are most impactful to search engines, like homepages and website category pages.

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