What are Business Classified Submissions?

Submitting and updating profiles on business-related classified websites is an off-page SEO technique designed to increase a company’s brand awareness and promote their products and services.

Classified submissions are similar to the classified section in a print publication, like a newspaper or magazine.

Here is a list of some popular classified websites where businesses can promote themselves for free:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Marketplace (products only)
  • Amazon (products only)
  • eBay (products only)
  • Craigslist
  • Classified Ads
  • Adpost

Why are Business Classified Submissions important and how do they support SEO activities?

These business classified submissions are created to increase exposure for your brand and attract new visitors to your website. Growing the number of company listings can increase the probability of two things:
  1. Being found online by people who are looking for products and services you offer.
  2. Ranking higher in SERPs because search engines see your site with backlinks from websites where a lot of people visit and have high Domain Authority.

How does Organix Digital submit to Business Classifieds?

All packages from Organix Digital include submissions/updates to business classified sites, such as Google My Business* and Craigslist**.

The full list of profiles claimed for your business is itemized and reported on at the end of the initial 3-month agreement.

*Includes claiming your Google My Business profile. Only available with PREMIUM packages.

**does not apply to Commercial Real Estate.

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