You are missing out on new patients each month. We’ll show you how many.

You are missing out on new patients each month. We’ll show you how many.

A New Patient Growth Plan details how to increase new patient volumes using Search.

Here's what we'll cover


Strategic Alignment

An assessment of business goals, initiatives, and expectations.

Seo health

Overall SEO Health

An overall review to assess your website's current performance.


Growth Opportunities

A realistic assessment of how search
can help you reach your goals.



Our New Patient Growth Plan is 50% automated by proprietary software, 50% human analysis by our team of Search Analysts. To run it accurately, we need additional inputs about your company and website, such as access to Analytics, top competitors, and goals.

This first call is a quick one, it only takes a few minutes to get the data we need. The second call is when we walk you through the customized analysis in your New Patient Growth Plan to ensure you understand how to take action and grow your website traffic and lead volume.

WHAT IS THE New Patient Growth Plan?

The New Patient Growth Plan is a summary view of the growth potential of incoming leads, conversions, and ROI using a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Text Ads (PPC) over a 6-month period.

This prediction is made at the keyword + page level, and is based on your current existing traffic, rate of conversion, the size of your market, and the potential traffic and engagement from Competitors and Seed Keywords.

HOW DO YOU BUILD THE New Patient Growth Plan?

To build your New Patient Growth Plan, we pull data from Google Search Console (GSC), Google Analytics (GA), and proprietary tools to understand your website’s current performance. We then scrape competitor keywords to understand Addressable Market potential. Finally, a number of formulas are run by our team to show your website’s organic and pay-per-click potential, and the impact of that traffic on your leads / sales.

HOW ACCURATE IS THE New Patient Growth Plan?

We try to be as accurate as possible on all estimates we provide, although it’s important to keep in mind these are just estimates. There is [literally] no way to predict organic traffic (as Google’s algorithm changes daily) or pay-per-click activity (as the competitive landscape is constantly evolving). These estimates should be used to explore if investing in search marketing is right for your website. 

AM I ABLE TO KEEP MY New Patient Growth Plan?

Yes, we will provide you a Google Sheets file with all your data and our findings and insights. These are yours to keep after we review this customized report with you.